AEC Police Technology ProgramJCA.0Q

  • Our AEC program is offered at the Drummondville campus. 
  • This program is exclusively intended for Amerindian and Inuit communities.
  • Next cohort: To be determined

PRogram objectives

Police Technology First Nations & Inuit | Collège Ellis
The Police Technology Program aims at developing skills that will allow the student to reach the profession of police officer. By evolving in a well-supervised environment, the student will learn to apply the disciplinary and ethical qualities expected of any police corps. By wearing the uniform, the student will integrate the required attitudes of respect and know-how that are essential to the police profession. Our reality-based program will allow the student to complete their academic training while participating in different integration activities. Also, the student will be able to simulate police interventions in specially equipped rooms and finally,  will develop all the necessary combat techniques for physical interventions. Afterwards, the student will be prepared to continue his training at the École national de police (ÉNPQ).

Career Prospects

  • Police officer
  • Investigator
  • Security officer
  • Military police officer
  • Peace officer
  • Inspector
  • Customs officer
  • Correctional officer


  • The Sûreté du Québec
  • The Service de police de la ville de Montréal
  • Public security authorities of municipalities
  • Security agencies
  • The Government of Québec
  • Courthouses
  • Hydro-Québec and governmental agencies
  • The Agence métropolitaine de transport

The Advantages of Collège Ellis

  • An individual follow-up
  • A rigorous selection process: an interview in addition to the academic record and the physical ability requirement
  • A 45-hour observation course
  • A code of discipline and ethics borrowed from the police organizations
  • A process for conferring honourable mentions to encourage outstanding students for their school, physical, and ethical performances
  • Many community activities closely related to the training
  • A small college with a warm and family atmosphere effective for students to further their education
  • Student residences

Courses Listing

Session 1 Hours Hours 
Emergency first aid as the first responder 45 h  45 h
Description of the police officer's duty 75 h  75 h
Communication and observation techniques for the police officer 45 h  45 h
Repressive, preventive and community-oriented strategies 75 h   75 h

Session 2 Hours
Self defence against physical blows 30 h
 Police interventions within the legal system in Québec  30 h
 Offences in criminal matters  45 h
 Powers and duties of the police officer in criminal matters and during testimony in court   75 h
 Physical abilities of the police officer  75 h
 Carrying out a first-level criminal investigation  60 h

Session 3 Hours
 Self defence for hand-to-hand combats  30 h
 Intervention with individuals in a crisis situation  45 h
 Intervention in road traffic  45 h
 Control of a violent individual  45 h

Session 4  Hours
Special communication techniques  45 h
Intervention in road accidents and for impaired driving  45 h

Defensive driving techniques 

 45 h

*Changes could be made to the course grid.

Police Technology First Nations & Inuit | Collège Ellis Police Technology First Nations & Inuit | Collège Ellis
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